opm 122 translation

since disqus isn’t working, here’s part 2 of my translation https://pastebin.com/c64y8iTB

Mob Psycho chapter 97 (part 2-8)

Well, this is it. Because another group is doing this series at a faster pace, I’ve decided to stop scanlating MP’s weekly releases for now. However that doesn’t mean I will stop entirely, I would like to start revisiting each tankobon and do a revised release for every volume based on the tanks which will have better quality overall for the collectors amongst the readers, but I am going to need the help from everyone who are willing to help me clean the tankobons. If you’re interested, feel free to write me in the chat or comment section. I will start where I left off with volume 6 and work my way up to volume 13.


Mob Psycho chapter 97 (part 1)

Many thanks again to fan and Hikarii for their contribution 🙂



Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 7)

Many thanks to fan for the cleans and typeset. I’ll upload them to my usual folder when i’m back from vacation.



Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 6)

Well, now we know Mob is screwed.


Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 5)

I really love this kind of subtle brainwashing, even the readers couldn’t tell that Kamuro was one of them, which makes everything so much more menacing, you don’t know who is on Mob’s side anymore.


Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 4) + Anthology vol 1 ch. 5

I really like how the story keeps coming back to the premise of whether you’ll give in to peer pressure, it really gives “mob psycho” a different meaning.


Mob Psycho Anthology vol 1 chapter 12+ vol 2 chapter 8

We got not release this week on Urasunday, so I have decided to translate 2 more anthology chapters. Current standing: 15 of 46 are done.


Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 3)

The jobbing continues.


Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 2)

Another unexpected turn of events, we just assumed Teru would job, but ONE is one step ahead of us once again.