Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 1)+Anthology chapter 11+16

Without any indication, we suddenly enter chapter 96.


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  1. Nice! It gets really interesting.
    I just think that Teru should’ve warned Mob before going on head-on attack on the divine tree. That’d simplify things a lot.

  2. Thanks! I kinda think Teru wouldn’t want to let Mob know every time he wants to head out or it’d mean he wasn’t enough to handle a situation on his own.

  3. Hey, I just recently catch up with mp100, thanks for all your work all this time! It’s unusual for translation group(?) to not put their name in the somewhere. Realized it because I actually spent some intensive googling time trying to remember this website’s name haha

    Btw, I want to ask about this page from chapter 93-2 is the shirt actually still or will be available somewhere?

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