Mob Psycho chapter 96 (part 4) + Anthology vol 1 ch. 5

I really like how the story keeps coming back to the premise of whether you’ll give in to peer pressure, it really gives “mob psycho” a different meaning.


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  1. Thanks! 😀

    Whoa, Mob teaming up with his brother. Awesome! *w* I can’t wait to see them is action!!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Hi! I’m from MangaWorks Scan’s staff and I’m translating your Mob Psycho 100’s version (from English into Spanish). I wonder if it is possible for you to translate some extra pages that came in previous tomes. But if those pages have been already translated then, could you please tell me where can I find them?
    By the way, I’m Kurochi and I really appreciate all your work and effort.
    P.S.: Is there a way that I can contact you (via e-mail, Facebook…) if I am still having this kind of problem? Thank you and I’m sorry for my request.

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