Mob Psycho chapter 97 (part 2-8)

Well, this is it. Because another group is doing this series at a faster pace, I’ve decided to stop scanlating MP’s weekly releases for now. However that doesn’t mean I will stop entirely, I would like to start revisiting each tankobon and do a revised release for every volume based on the tanks which will have better quality overall for the collectors amongst the readers, but I am going to need the help from everyone who are willing to help me clean the tankobons. If you’re interested, feel free to write me in the chat or comment section. I will start where I left off with volume 6 and work my way up to volume 13.


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  1. Thanks! Sad, that your quality work was so blatantly picked up by other groups as soon as it got more popular. not cool. Are there any anthology chapters left untranslated? and will you upload “zippyshare” chapters to mf folder?

    • the 2 zippyshare files have been moved to the mf folder

    • Except that’s not why they picked it up at all.. They picked it up because we didn’t have any translations from nerieru for weeks and people were asking for the translations for the chapters we had missed.

      • Exactly this. I don’t get the drama. If it’s just an excuse for not having to hurry with the chapters, it’d be more honest than what you said. You don’t have to do it because you do it for free. But let’s be honest. You traveled, there were no chapters for a long time, someone picked it up and that’s it. You already have the credit for introducing people that can’t read moon to the manga. I’d still read your chapters on /a/ and then download it here, but you do whatever you have to. I’ll download your new tank releases anyway.

      • There is no drama. Someone provides the chapters one week ahead so anything I release is already spoiled and it just feels like busywork over nothing. Translating spoilers is one thing, but I have to draw a line when chapters are actually being released under a group’s name. They put as much effort into it as I am, and I’d happily let them take over because their translations are actually decent.

        I’m not doing it for credits, if that’s what you’re implying. I want more people to read this manga, and if someone else can provide the chapters faster, I see no reason for unnecessary competition. I’m glad MP gained such a big following that people are working on it in my place, I just feel like this is the right time to stop.

  2. This sux. They don’t even provide DL links. And I like my manga offline and archived, so I can read in on tablet.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I am aware that there are many of you who would prefer downloading the chapters, but if my work doesn’t get distributed anywhere, it gets frustrating and I hope people can understand my situation.

      • It’s a late answer but yeah. I understand. It’s quite a lot of work and there’s the ego (in case like this, not a bad thing). Oh well, I was a little sad but world goes on. Anyway, what you did (and still doing) was great and no one besides you did it for a loooong time.

  3. But I like the quality of your translations + scans more QQ.

  4. I don’t know how to clean, but if you teach me.. I could try.

  5. I sent you an email, we can help you! (Kurochi! from MangaWorks Scan)

  6. Hello, I would like to know which email you have, I want to contact you in a more private way …

  7. Hey there. I was looking for some OnePunchMan scans and got directed to your site. I’m wondering, do you have the raw chapters 6~14 of the OPM remake version? They were taken down from the Young Jump website. Thanks!

  8. Hello, Firstly I’d just like to thank you all so much for your scanlating. It is sincerely appreciated.
    Also please how do I delete my old comments from these posts, from one of your previous projects? I’d really appreciate the help.
    Plus agan, Thanks all!!!!!!

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