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Mob Psycho chapter 95 (part 3)

I can think of a few more things you could use psychic power in your daily life…


Mob Psycho chapter 95 (part 2)

This was a short update, have to get moving so I don’t have time to talk about it.


Mob Psycho chapter 95 (part 1)

And suddenly we’re in chapter 95.


Mob Psycho chapter 94 (part 2)

After a short break, we are now back with more mob psycho. The anime should start airing this month so we have lots to look forward to.


Mob Psycho chapter 93 (part 2-3), 94 (part 1)

Well, this was a long wait. I’m finally back on track with all the releases, and it seems that next week will be another break from ONE’s side.


Mob Psycho chapter 93 (part 1)

Just when we thought all loose ends are more or less tied, ONE brings up a complete new arc.


Mob Psycho chapter 92 (part 3)

You know, this kind of development might be cheesy, but I really love the concept of beginning a story and ending it with the same villain.


Mob Psycho chapter 92 (part 2)

I really like this kind of slice of life stories, wish this could go on a bit longer.


Mob Psycho chapter 92 (part 1)

I completely forgot about this release, sorry about that.

Mob Psycho chapter 91 (part 3)

Well, this is taking a weird turn. On one hand it definitely feels like ONE’s wrapping up the story, on the other hand he is clearly going somewhere with mob’s fatigue lately. Let’s hope for a really great finale.

As mentioned before, ONE will be taking a break from mp to work on the animation, this week’s valentine special is actually scheduled for next week but because i wanted it to be timely, i did that one as well.